MANZILI "AYO" litter 2007

1.11.2007  Alvy´s firsth birth bring us 6 puppies. Alvy was great, but unfortunately last boy

was born dead. Anyhow we have 5 puppies. 3 males /one is livernosed/

and 2 females /two girls are livernosed/. Only one girl is PET quality other puppies

are show quality!!!


                      1th week                                          2th week                                        3th week                                    4th week

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                     5th week                                            6th week                                        7th week                                    8th week

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    "Alvy"                                ♥                           "Chili"


            CH. Alva z vrchu Horka                          CH. Stenänga Great G´S Chili


    Interchampion /fulfiled conditions/                                  Champion HU, Pl        

        Champion CZ, SK                                         Juniorchampion CZ

Juniorchampion CZ, HU                                          Club winner HU

        Club champion ÈKRR                                       Club champion ÈKRR


        HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0                                      HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0

             Hight: 61 cm                                                  Hight: 70 cm

               Weight: 33 kg                                                 Weight: 45 kg

        Colour: Red wheaten                                          Colour: wheaten

           Full dentition                                                  Full dentition







photo: Milada Krchòavá

Pedigree "AYO" litter


Ch HU, Pl, JCh CZ

Club winner HU

Stenänga Great G´S Chili 

HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0

Full dentition

import Sweden

70 cm / 45 kg

Gene for livernose




Best USA RR  2001&2002&2003

Spring Valley´s Great Gatsby 


ROM=10 or more champion offspring

HD exelent, ED normal Heart-normal, CERF-normal, Thyroid-normal,   DNA profil                      Full dentition

68,5 cm / 41 kg

Gene for livernose




Spingvly Spence O´Laurlcrest

HD exelent

Spring Valley I Like Ike

Spring Valley´s Jenny Jump



Am Ch

Spring Valley´s Pee Dee

HD good

Ch Spring Valleys Absolut

Ch Crosswicks Spring Valleys De



Nordu Ch

Madahiro´s Good Enough


Temperament tested

HD A, ED 0/0

Full dentition


Nordu Ch, IntuCh, Gb Ch, Vd Ch, Finu Ch Nordv-99

Aakemba King Astor Gi´Fumo

Temperament tested

HD A, ED 0/0

Full dentition

BISS, Aust.Ch Marsabit Mfumo

ICh, Ch S, N, DK, Nord Simbashana´s Givenchy


Madahiro´s R´Zafaco Millie

Temperament tested

Ridgehunter´s Argo Tiko

Ch NU, SU Aithea Lionsmaragd Zafaco




Alva z vrchu Horka

HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0

Full dentition

61cm / 33 kg

Gene for livernose




Ch CZ, SK, A, HU, JCh CZ, SK

Dabobo Malozi

HD 0/0, DLK 0/0

Full dentition

68 cm / 42 kg

import Finland




Ch Norw, Swed, Fin

Shavano ´s Boss Quentin

          HD A/A             Full dentition

67 cm / 40 kg

Ch Norw, Swed Exgale ´s Faruk Boss


Trendsetter Casha



Ch Fin

Amiwa Malozi

HD A/A, ED A/A  Full dentition 

Thyroid clear

ICH, Fin Ch Shadyridge Mabruki Mbili HD A            Full dentition

Ch Fin Maridadis Jiwe La Thamani    HD A            Full dentition


2x res.CAC

Arsina Údolí Kalasperk

HD 0/0, DLK 0/0

Full dentition



Ch CZ, World Veteran Winner 06

Adam z Bledého údolí

        HD 0/0                     Full dentition

69 cm / 46 kg

Mashaba ´s  Harubah       Full dentition

HD 0/0

Astra z Brodu nad Tichou   Full dentition

HD 0/0


Alyssa z Leškovy


Atte Rodyry

HD 0/0

Cilis Rhodana

HD 0/0